Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cushendale Wrap Available

And not only available, it's bin on the telly! Stephanie was kind enough to wear it to The Yarn Room's fabulous knitting segment on RTE's The Afternoon Show on Tues 20th October. And not only that, she mentioned the Cushendale yarn too. Great stuff.

If you wanna watch the segment, go here and play the video from 1 hour and 9 minutes - 1:09 onwards. It's a hoot! Stephanie, Irene and Maria played a blinder in studio...and the rest of us sure had fun.

(Sorry, it looks like the RTE Player is blocked for use outside of Ireland. I can't figure out yet how people outside of Ireland can play it. Let you know when I do.)
The pattern is available on Ravelry now. Still trying to figure out how to publish it on the blog. Hey, I'm a knitter, not a techie!


Irene said...

YAY!!! Good on you! It is simply delicious!

Leslie said...

Oh, Nic! How kewl is that? Congrats sweetie. Going to knit one of these up for my niece for the Christmas,