Friday, October 2, 2009



Are there enough enthusiastic CAPS and EXCLAMATION MARKS in the title!!!? D'ya think?

Seriously tho', I'm having a really tough time these days with work stuff and deadlines and stuff going on in general, no biggie, BUT I was lucky enough to spend yesterday morning with a motley crew of Wicklow Knitters and members of the general population at my LYS.

While I was there, I was not only entertained, as always, by the chat and high humour, but also inspired, by a wonderful triangular shawl by Irene, to consider a sort of elliptical scarf, with a subtle frill and some short rows (knitted in my latest yarn love Cushendale Mohair Boucle - yes, I know it sounds unlikely, but this boucle is just different, OK?).

Annnyheeew....I swatched in several lovely colours, decided on 2 strands of different colours, started the project yesterday, pondered it all evening, changed the shaping several times, knit it all this morning, and took it to the shop late this afternoon for consultation, finishing and binding off. And in that short time people, I made a really lovely drapey scarf/wrap thingy, (if I say so myself - which I do) that just rings all my bells.

(Plus it must be said, over the same time period, I prepared several work presentations, chaired a tricky school Parent Association AGM, balanced the needs of the staff-and-parent school community and negotiated World Peace in My Little World. Little Ms Ban Ki-Moon, that's me.)

OK, so the frill could be a little frillier, but the dimensions and colour combo are just perfect for what I had in my head. Besides, I'm not such a frou frou lady that frills are what I depend upon. I've got dimples and a cheeky grin for that.

My point is, however, that over the past 2 days there took place one of those really pure yarn experiences whereby:

Yarn People + Yarn + Inspiration + Knitting = Joy & Happiness

And chief among them let it be said, are the Yarn People. Every now and then, in the midst of the chaos and cacophony of life, there chimes a pure note that rings true and sounds out for a long time. I'm just sayin'. It's been a nice few days.

Not only that, but I came away a few hours later with MORE yarn, MORE colours, and MORE inspiration for a modified version which I hope will become a pattern to put this yarn on the map. People, this yarn is fabulous. Just LOOK at the richness of those colours. Just LOOK! With your EYES!

Sorry. That too much? Watch this space.

PICTURES!? No, of course I haven't any project pictures. Silly question! I'm moving faster than the speed of light these days. Off on a work trip in the morning (guess which knitting is going in my suitcase? plus this crochet item) and I haven't even looked for my clothes, let alone packed them, or fed the children and laid out the necessary clothes and supplies to keep them going in the interim.

You'll just have to do what I'm doing and hold your breath.

Trust me.

I'll be back.

(Edited to add link to Cushendale Wrap Pattern.)



Leslie said...

Of course you love your yarnie peeps, cuz we are the BOMB.

Irene said...

And we love you too!!!