Friday, January 22, 2010

Purple Iris Cowl

Finally some knitting in 2010.

Here's my contribution to the Cowls group January KAL over on Ravelry (For the benefit of my ignorant non-knitting friends, that's a Knit-A-Long, where people sign up to knit a selected item and then show off compare results. I've never joined one before, but this was just too tempting.

Not one, but two cowls.

These are Christmas gift knits. Yes I KNOW it's almost Febuary.

And your point is?

These were knit from almost a single skein of Shepherd Sock Multi in the Purple Iris colourway.

(Don't I just come up with the greatest blog post titles, eh?)



Leslie said...

They are gorgeous and you are funny, love ya!

Nic said...

Thanks babe!

sheknitupthat said...

I love how that stitch pattern looks!