Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I realise that I'm late with my wintery tale, but it took quite a while to get camera and cables together.

Besides. I was occupied digging my car out of snowdrifts, gathering fuel supplies from the local shop using a wheelbarrow and trying to defrost the water pipes with a paint stripper to worry much about blogging the event. I know it sounds odd, but really we spent a lot of the day oganising heat, water and nourishment.

The rest of the time was spent clothing, warming and drying out children who were dancing in the snow one minute and wailing at the damp and cold the next.

So. We were pretty busy during the Ice Age. It was mostly fun I have to say. Even when trying to work with dodgy internet access and cranky employers. Even on the days without water or electricity we trekked up the very steep and winding hill behind our house to visit friends perched high with wonderful snowy views.

And then there was the high drama of the return trek home in the dusk, carrying torches and trying to avoid being crushed by the slipping and grinding farm vehicles on the treacherous hill. Seriously. I was a bit worried there.

Anyway. All was well. Here's the evidence. Thank you for your patience.


Leslie said...

Welcome to our world. Lovely pictures, your snow bunnies are cute. We haven't had snow since Christmas, altho, there are residual drifts in the shade.

Karen said...

Beautiful. You got lucky this year, right?