Friday, March 12, 2010

Holiday Glamour

And what 60's hostess didn't have one of these in her wardrobe?

It's impossibly glamourous. Tiny. Sheer. Frilly.

Oh la la. Mama Mia!



Debbie T said...

That's funny...I was just looking to make me some aprons a couple of days ago. They're back in vogue here in the states! I've noticed both of my daughters using them now and they're only in their 30's.
I love the one you're cute for the holidays!

sheknitupthatball said...

Very nice!! Is that a candy cane - is it a christmas apron?

Nic said...

Yeah, it is a Christmas apron.

Think it must have come from a relative in the States. I can't see that candy canes were indigenous to 1960s Portarlington.

I remember thinking that this was soooo fancy. Mind you, I think it was used more for dressing up games!

Leslie said...

Again, jealous! Loverly for certain.