Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Hodgepodge Life

The Lovely Leslie has included me in a list of blogs under the Hodgepodge life Tribe Talk banner which aims to link up bloggers with new and inspiring blogs of all kinds....I'm honoured!

So here's my list of sites to check out. Definitely a hodge podge.

Irene at Yarn Classes for inspiring crochet, fibre love and chat.

Nicola at Clasheen for fantastic felting and fibre.

Elaine at Jaboopee for quirky and genius artwork of all kinds.

Kneehigh from She Knit Up That Ball for fab knitting and entertaining reviews of all kinds of knitting stuff.

Sinead from Knit,Inc. for creative and stupendous knitting.

So get your groove on guys and pick some bloggers to add to your next blog post. Then go back to Hodgepodge and link yourself in at this post. At least, I think that's how it works.



sheknitupthatball said...

Thanks for including me, and some great suggestions there on your list! :D

Gay Vaughan said...

Nicola, I am so happy you signed up for this weeks Tribe Talk! I hope you find some interesting blogs and are found as well. Thanks again.

Sinéad said...

*blush*! Thanks so much for the mention. I shall check out the Hodge Podge.

Elaine Prunty said...

oh! you just made me very happy , thanks for the mention and its so nice to see the words quirky and genius and my name in the same sentence,,,,are you sure your not mixing me up with someone else.
thanks so much nicola

Irene said...

Awh Hun, I'm all shy now. I will look forward to having a go but it won't be til after The Reef is built, but then...

Clasheen said...

Thanks so much Nic, very flattering! Just trying to catch up on all my internet backlog so going to include this today with some other awards in my first post of the week, apologies that I didn't get to it sooner!! X PS Loving all the images of your mothers gorgeous work.