Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mayday Mayday

Is this your knitting?

I'm passing on an APB Knitting appeal from the Dublin Knit Collective. This lovely piece of knitting was found on a train at Heuston Station, Dublin, Ireland.

I don't know where the train was coming from, but my guess is that if it's yours you'll recognise it.

(Including a picture of the station just because I've always liked it.)

Please comment here if you recognise this lovely red cabled item.



Anonymous said...

Well, it definitely isn't mine, but I have to say how nice you are to post this! If I lost my knitting I'd be frantic, and it would shock and please me to no end to see someone post about it and try to get it back to me! :)

Unknown said...

Oh I would just cry if that happened to me, I hope the owner gets it back, its lovely work.