Saturday, July 10, 2010


You know? You guys need a lot of patience to hang around here. I just want you to know that I acknowledge it and appreciate it, even tho' I can't promise to do much about it.

Recently I took some long overdue photos.

At last here's the answer to a question that I just know has been torturing you. Unless of course (like myself) you had completely forgotten all about it.

This is the squishy soft lovliness that awaited me on my return from that volcanic ash-thwarted trip to Paris in May.

It's a Nuno felted scarf in wonderful granite colours from the truely fabulous Nicola at Clasheen. I spotted it in her Etsy shop sale and zing pow click it was mine. Just 5 ft of exquisite felted lovliness. Le sigh.

Doesn't it look lovely against the stone wall and I can't wait to take a Nuno felt workshop with Nicola sometime. Gorgeous.


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Sinéad said...

That's gorgeous! I just love the colours. I bet it's gorgeous & squishy & soft. Enjoy!