Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beach Knitting 2010

Now there's something to add to this and this from the previous Beach Knitting series. Here is the Beach Knitting 2010*.

This is the curent design project knit in King Cole Bamboo Cotton, purchased here. This project has taken months and months and MONTHS of thinking, charting and swatching but is finally in the finishing stages. Well, Stage 1 of the finishing stages I guess. There's a tricky construction issue that I haven't begun to solve.

S'funny, I just realised that both of the previous beach knits have become self-published Ravelry patterns - Miss Potter Mittens and the Ashford Cowl. Perhaps that augurs well for this one.

Maybe beaches are lucky. Let's hope.

PS: that's a knit project bag made for me by my Knitting Mama, a.k.a. The Bag Lady. She makes them to order. If you'd like to order one (they're reasonably priced), just give a shout in the comments.


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Sinéad said...

Oops! I missed this post (and the one after which is hilarious, by the way).
How did your secret project come along? The swatch looked lovely when I saw it. Nice bag too :)