Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More gift knitting, this time for the Knitting Mama.

A pincushion for the Sewing Table in the Tower. Literally, in a tower. So cool.

Details: Posey, a free pattern from Kris Knits.

Yarn: scraps of Debbie Bliss Fez. Pretty much any yarn would do I'm thinkin' so long as it's knit dense enough to hold the filling (which was in this case scrap yarn ends in many colours.)

It was a little bit fiddly to put together but worth it. The smallest section was puzzling me for a while wondering what it reminded me of.

Garlic. Wouldn'tja say?



sheknitupthat said...

It does look just like garlic!!

Sinéad said...

As long as it doesn't smell like garlic! Lovely pattern and well knit!

Ros said...

I can confirm it doesn't smell like garlic! I keep it on show in pride of place. Thanks to the knitting daughter from the knitting Mama.