Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Berry Cluster Stitch

Well, so far it's all about the swatchin' and I'm lovin' it. My, this yarn is delicious. Soft, pliant, lovely drape.

Funny, it feels like it has the qualities of cotton, but without the stiffness, the kinks or the 'rope-y-ness'. (Isn't my command of language a marvel?) I've heard that it does stretch or drag a bit after knitting, but hopefully this won't be a problem, as it will be lined in anticipation of an Alpine winter's day, and this should give it plenty of structure. Besides, the fullness of the jacket skirt should hide any stretch.

Anyway, here's the Berry Cluster Stitch mentioned previously.

Lovely innit? Happy sigh*.

You can see the experimentation with bobbly embellishment here. The blue/green Prima is lovely, and it will tie in nicely with the baby's light blue Ao Dai.

What you see here is actually a group of embroidered French Knots. They're ok, but a bit chunky. I'll experiment a bit to get a finer, more delicate version.

Of course these beads are nice too, but not so suitable for an infant garment.

Oh this is fun.

* I should point out that what I'm celebrating here is the yumminess of the yarn and the beauty of the stitch pattern, not my actual knitting per sae. I'm not going to deny tho' that I'm pretty pleased with that too!

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