Friday, September 26, 2008

Christening Sunday Brunch Update

There has been great progress on the Christening Sunday Brunch jacket. I’m knitting it in the round (of course) on my lovely new harmonies (did you doubt it?).

I calculated the number of Berry Cluster Stitch repeats that would fit across the stitches. 234 stitches. TWO THREE FOUR. There’s a nice symmetry*. Anyway, it seemed to be absolutely HUGE, so I took out a repeat (207 stitches) and jumped right in.

This has been flying zipping zooming along the needles. Even through the Vast Plains of Stocking Stitch. Probably because I’m absolutely in love with it and snuggle up with it at every opportunity.

My heartfelt thanks go to Jellyknits [Ravelry link], for preventing me from knitting the eyelet row at the bodice BEFORE the decreasing row for the smock effect. Phew! That would have been a painful mistake.

As it was I had to frog 5 rows (that’s 1,028 stitches people) but it was worth it. Jellyknits also encouraged me to retain the Moss Stitch pattern for the upper part of the jacket. I thought that a double Moss Stitch would be more pronounced, but she pointed out that the single Moss Stitch was really appropriate on a little person.

Dead right there babe. Thanks! It’s especially effective with the pearly incandescence of the Prima yarn. Each stitch looks like an individual seed pearl. (I can see why they call this the Seed Stitch in other parts of the world.)

So we’re flying along. Have divided for the armholes already and sprinting towards the left front neckline.

Happy happy happy.

* I won’t tell you how long it took me to work out that the 23 stitch pattern fits 10 times into 234 stitches, with 4 left over. I even had to use a pencil to work that out. (But I won’t admit it.)


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