Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Knitty

Welcome to the Fall Knitty 08. In the dim and dark olden days before Ravelry and TIK, Knitty was the 1st online resource that helped me find other knitters and feed my hunger for modern knitting patterns.

For this reason, I've always had a soft spot for Knitty, even tho' it has been joined by many other great resources (which I believe it may have helped to inspire). Now that I think about it, it's not that I've knit many Knitty patterns, but it provided a lot of interest and inspiration at a crucial time.

Since I don't do socks, let's look at the patterns that I would knit, given sufficient time and resources.

This is the cover pattern: Twist and Shout. Definitely something that I would knit and wear - tho' I'm not sure about the collar.

Retrofit is a great guy pattern. For a really great guy.

And Versitility is really amazing (see note below*). Anyway (ignoring the bobbles) I like the construction, tho' I think it helps that the model here is a little person. I was shocked to see this pattern in fact, since I've been thinking about designing something like this for a while. That's frustrating, since I worry about not being original enough and have abandoned several design projects where there are other similar ones published. Still maybe it means I've tuned into the knitting zeitgeist or something.

Same goes for Abby, a lace cowl, tho' I think this is a generic enough shape to be able to design alternatives without plagiarism.

But this? OpArt baby blanket? I would never have thought of this. Great innit?

Or these...they're just cute.

Coming in top of the queue tho' is the Waves of Grain scarf/wrap. I've been looking for a lace and beaded scarf for some silk laceweight that I've been hoarding in my Hat Box for a long time.

Nice one.

*The rest of you in other nations probably don't have this problem, but anyone growing up in Ireland in the 70's who had to endure study the author and storyteller Peig Sayers can't even contemplate a certain type of shawl for fear of looking like this.

...or this....

...tho' I notice Peig is knitting in the 1st picture. So we've more in common than I thought, after all.


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