Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love Me Too

The other day I was transferring Little Mouse from the house to the car seat in the middle of her nap, and trying to keep her asleep and dozy.

'Mmmmmm Little Mouse', I murmered. 'Mmmmmmm I love you.'

'You lub me?' murmered Little Mouse back. (She's at the age when everything is repeated several times over.)

'Yes I do my little pet. I love you' ses I.

'You lub me?' murmered Little Mouse (again).

'Yes my girlie, I love you' ses me (again).

'S'ok Mummy' sighs Little Mouse.

'I lub me too.'


In felting news, the boxes are coming out great. Will post soon with pics.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

:-) how sweet!

thanks for your comment on my blog! little maeve is doing great, and still has the mad head of hair, which makes her undoubtedly the cutest baby around!