Saturday, December 6, 2008

Patchwork Baby Blanket

This is a patchwork style blanket I knitted for a craft fair, not in patches or strips,but in a single piece. Inspired by the intrepid Knitting Dad and his butterfly cardboard bobbins used in this project I ended up with 11 bobbins of separate yarn hanging from the project.

It was very challenging interesting to make, but it really wasn't worth wrangling all those yarns. Next time I'll make strips and seam 'em.

Basically I picked a variety of lace,texture and solid stitch patterns and just mixed 'em up.
On more than one occasion I had to drop all the stitches from a panel along the way and knit it all up again with crochet hooks, prayer and a lot of @&^*%$!! This did a lot to remove the fear of things going wrong in knitting. They're only loops and stitches after all.

Told ya it was a challenge!

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Irene said...

Love it! Hows about just knitting the squares and then crocheting them together. MUCH easier to crochet, loik! ;-)