Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Secret Plan Secret Solution

I have spent days 'n days 'n DAYS knitting a sleeve and trying to write a chart for the Secret Plan part of the JGG. You knew that I have a secret plan, right?

Well, unless you've heard me mention it in person, I guess not, but fact is that I do. And while I knew it was a bit ambitious, I didn't realise just how impossible tricky it would be to implement...and on a deadline too. (BTW, 13 days to go).

The good news it that I have been struck by a wonderful solution which I am very confident will bring me my wished for results and still allow me some time to sleep in the next 2 weeks. No, sorry, can't'll just have to wait and see.

This solution will be a great relief to my Yarnie Women who have been a bit skeptical concerned about my goals, albeit in the nicest possible way. They've even offered to dive in and knit a sleeve for me to help the project along. Now that's what I call knitting support.

(I tell ya, if you haven't got any Yarnie Women in your life, get thee out to the highways and byways (and Ravelry) and find some RIGHT NOW! G'won, git! I'll be here when you get back.)

Of course, I still have to actually implement the plan and finish the sweater, which despite my genius plan will be a tall order. Never said it would be easy.

My new motto?

Knit Like The Wind.


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