Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tin Swap

Recently on Ravelry, I stumbled upon this group...for people who collect Altoid mint tins and keep stuff in 'em. Now, I love old tins, and keep lots of useful things in 'em, so over I went for a visit to see what's up. Turns out that I've had a lot of fun over there. (Check out this post that got me started if you're curious).

Anyhew, naturally I asked the big question 'What the hell is an Altoid?' and immediately found myself with an offer from a kind member to send me some. Long story short, I found myself in my very 1st Tin Swap.
And look what I bagged?

- Pattern mag in aid of a local hospital with free patterns contributed by well known names. What a great idea!

- Skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in wonderful variagated blues

- Not one but TWO tins of Altoids:

1 tin of original mints labelled 'Curiously Strong Mints'*

1 tin of chewing gums (perfect for sewing needles)

Now wasn't I spoiled? Thanks Swap Partner!

Unfortunately I wasn't as quick off the mark to the post office so my parcel has yet to arrive. Hope it hasn't gone astray!

* I love that 'Curiously Strong Mints', it has such an air of appreciation mixed with genteel bafflement. Like something Jeeves would say.


Leslie said...

As in Jeeves and Wooster?

Nic said...

Yup! Didja follow the link to Youtube? Love it...

Karen said...

And aren't they curiously strong? My favorite mint. The gum is good, too.

klpsnow, fellow Raver

Nic said...

Hah! Now that you mention it, I realise that I've been so busy admiring them that I haven't opened the tins yet! Will rectify that this evening.