Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pick Up Your Needles II

So, how can you match Pick Up Your Needles I?

With Pick Up Your Needles II of course! This time I was felting, with tutor Nicola Brown, who was charming, patient and passionate about her craft.

We learned a great deal from just watching her demonstrations and in the workshop we created some lovely things. My group was focused on making flat pieces, but we still came away with a felted cord, another multicoloured cord to be spliced into beads for jewellery, a key ring, and a felted flower, as well as the flat piece which was our main objective.

What with the lovely colours on offer and all the encouragement, I'm willing to bet that nobody was disappointed.

I did expect to meet friends (yay, check), to enjoy the day (oh yes indeed, check), to drink tea (slurp, check), to consume home-baked goodies (yum, check) and to make felted things (felting, check), but I didn't fully appreciate how much I would enjoy the felting itself, the day and the company.

Dudes, I cudda wudda shudda known.


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Irene said...

Nic, your spirit lifted that roof by a few inches! Always! Thank you!

I have left you an award on my blog!