Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TYR Open!

At last. And it's only 12 minutes from my house, including getting stuck behind a horsebox and parking the car. That's pretty convenient!

You might have thought that I'd be 1st in the door. You'd be right. I really thought someone would beat me to it, but no, I jumped into the car at 9:47 am and at 9:59 am I was on the doorstep. Hopping up and down with excitement.

You might also think that the day might be a letdown after all the eager anticipation. You'd be wrong. It was great great fun, with lots of laughter, chat, cakes, knitting and general hilarity.

(Let's just say that Ms Innuendo and her close friend Mr Double Entendre Esquire had a good day out. I'm mentioning no names :: eyes swivelling towards YOU and YOU :: and not entirely innocent myself of course ::)

Congratulations Stephanie. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Over here for some great pics.


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Leslie said...

An LYS, with in walking distance if you put a good foot under, that's trouble with a capital T...