Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Constant Knitter

Some time ago, the lovely R from The Constant Knitter challenged invited me to design something for Drops Alpaca yarn. Not one to resist a challenge or turn down an invitation I went home with two lovely yarns in my bag and a great idea for some fingerless mittens.

Oh those mittens were going to be lovely. So delicate. So fine.

While I have heard that yarn can decide for itself what it wants to be, I have had no experience of it until now. In this case however, I can attest to it. I began with a very clear idea of fine lace ruffled mittens in this most delicate of yarns, yet several days later I had something something completely other on my needles.

Something outdoorsy, dense and very warm. Something more suited to hauling logs or chopping wood than waving away suitors or holding a dainty parasol aloft. Something beautiful all the same, but nothing like I had intended.

Regular (and smart) readers will see where this is going, especially from the yarn colours shown above.

Yup, after many iterations the Tuar Mhic Eadaigh Mittens came to be and I also had an entry for this year's St Patricks Day Celebrations competition over on Ravelry. The rest, as they say, ain't geography is history.

Just goes to show where things can take you if you let them. In my book this is a good philosophy.

Of course, a runaway horse will take you someplace you don't wish to go, so please use your own judgement.

Thanks Constant Knitter!


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Sinéad said...

Drops Alpaca makes the most snuggly comfy mittens on the world. I love wearing mine. So soft! Your pattern is great, the colours are lovely togther.