Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Project Poised

Now isn't that a lovely sight?

A mini yarn mountain and a project poised on the edge of flight.

Beautiful swatch. So soft. So lovely.

Howth Vest here we come.

Thanks Knitinc!

Pattern: Howth Vest by Sinead Cahir

Yarn: Drops Karisma from The Constant Knitter. Superwash and super soft.


Sinéad said...

Your swatch looks perfect! I'm so excited to see someone else knit up this pattern. I'm crossing everything that I haven't made any mistakes!

Heather said...

So are we Sinead!! My hubby, who is to be the lucky recipient, happened to be beside me as I was checking in on Nicknits. He's delighted with the preview and very much looking forward to the results!! The wool, and swatch of course, do look very tasty indeed. All the best to you both, from Nic's non-knitting but baking-experimenter! sister Heather