Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Felting Heaven II

More felting joy to show you. This is the 2nd swatch and you can see I got all crazy with the details - buttonhole handle, ruffle, stripes and some contrasting chain stitch. I love it. Plus it knit up very quick.

I washed it at 40 degrees this time (the previous one was at 60 degrees) and I much prefer the result. It's not as dense, the colours didn't blend as much and you can still see some of the texture of the knitting which I like.

Now, I'm just wondering what shape bag to go for. I'm still leaning to the long and narrow style. I'm fickle flexible however, so this may change. Off to TIK later on to get more colours. Yay.

Before that however, I've a Secret Project in mind. Inspired by the glories of this swatch.

Wait and see.



Sharon said...

Oh I like the blue and yellow. It's so cheery.

Carol Feller said...

Hi Nic,

Love the felted swatch. Did you do the chain stitch before you felted it? It really kept it's defination. Looking forward to seeing the finished bag.

Nic said...

Hi Carol,

No, the chain stitch was done afterwards. I intended to felt it again, but liked it better as it is. Maybe for a more subtle effect it would be nice to felt the stitching also, I'll try it sometime.