Thursday, June 19, 2008

Felting Heaven

I dropped into TIK a few days ago to see what I could see.

Well, actually I was looking for these pretty babies.

I had heard about them and seen them on the TIK blog but I was dead keen to see them for myself. Lovely things they are too. Lamb's Pride Worsted.

However, what really got me going was that I heard that they're really great for felting. And while I did try and felt something a while back, it was in a machine washable yarn and therefore it didn’t felt - it just got very very very clean.

I'm going to make a felted bag...and probably a felted bowl along the lines of the ones in One Skein. I'm starting with the bag tho' since I've wanted to make one forever. I've even got several yarns in the stash which should felt, but I never had the confidence to dive right in.

Here we go so....I’ve no idea what style of bag I’m going to make. I’m leaning towards something wider than it's deep. To hold…guess what?….knitting.

I got unreasonably excited over this swatch. For one thing, it's the 1st thing I've knit in months (seaming and blocking other projects doesn't count) and for another it knit up in less than an hour on 8mm needles.

Note the stripes, the attempt at fairisle and the running stitch near the top - all included to see what felting would do to these features.

Well, you can see that these details were kinda lost in the felting so I guess I’ll need to make any embellishments larger so they will still stand out in the finished result. I fancy some flower motifs, but since this will be the very 1st felted thing I probably should keep it simple and see what happens.

I'm not mad about how the colours felted tho'. There's a greeney tinge to the yellow against the turquoise that I don't really like. However, add in a nice vibrant red and even some green and we might have an Inca theme going here. Back to TIK we go hardship.

It’s nice tho’ - and boy does it make a thick and sturdy fabric. Those knitting needles ain’t getting through this bag, that’s for sure.


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