Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ruffles Scarf

Just thought I'd show you something I made a lot of over the Winter of 2006.

At the time I was working towards a Christmas Craft Fair in Wicklow Town and wanted something original I could sell without having copyright-conscience over lots of the lovely free patterns available on the Internet. I'm happy to make these as gifts as the designers intend, but selling them is a different matter.

(Yes, I know that technically you could sell them and nobody would ever know. And yes I also know that you could alter them slightly and clear the copyright issue. Technically. It might clear the copyright issue, but it wouldn't clear the consience.)

So I came up with the Ruffles Scarf. The design is based on a single rib with a ruffle at each end and a lengthways slit so one end can be pulled through. The scarf is short, for quick knit satisfaction and also warm, but without the bulk at the neck of a longer version.

I made them in red, purple, black and white and they were quite popular the 1st year. Unfortunately I was unable to compete with the imported machine-made scarves and other items which appeared at the ‘craft’ fair the following year. Now I make them as gifts for family and friends, and fellow knitters.

Its the knitters who appreciate them most.

PS: I do like how it looks on my ornamental conifer thing in the garden. Very dashing.


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