Thursday, August 7, 2008

And what did I knit while we were away?

Well, for starters I brought along this felted flower kit I got YEARS ago from Tina at Knitwhits.

I've had it for a very long time but never bothered to make it because:

a) I'm not a flower-brooch-wearing-kinda-woman


b) it just looked too darn fiddly.

However, my recent love affair with felting Lamb's Pride made this an ideal travel project, so into the suitcase it went.

I'm quite delighted with how it turned out.

To paraphrase an old joke in our family,

What's this?

I dunnno....but here' comes another one!

These are two of the larger red petals. Pretty cunning the way you knit 2 petals in one piece.

Even tho' the instructions are extremely clear and simple, I still managed to screw them up.

See the roundy ends of the petals? I read the instructions to 'cast-off' 2 stitches at the end of every row when finishing the petals....and of course decided (without thinking in any way clearly about it) that it would be the same thing to Knit 2 together instead, which I felt was quicker, and surely would make no difference to the finished product.

Ah hah! Not so Ms Smartypants.

See the slightly pointier petal at the bottom right (of the pic above)? That's how it's supPOSEd to be.

And there WAS a difference in how the petals felted. Just goes to show. Every stitch has it's part to play in the scheme of things. (Kinda philosophical that, eh? You get it all here folks.)

(Note to self: just follow the instructions and see what happens before taking the lazy shortcuts. OK?)

And of course, the leaves.

Love love LOVE the way the slipped knit stitch creates that ridge down the spine of the garter stitch leaf. So cool. I couldn't wait to see how this felted.

But you'll have to...*

*(Yeah, that might seem mean to you, but how else am I going to create some dramatic tension? Huh? Tell me that! It's a knitting blog for goodness sakes!)

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