Monday, August 18, 2008

Joseph Beret

Quite some time ago, (yikes.....last February!) I introduced you to the Joseph Jumper. At the time I promised to show more of my Dad's Technicolour creations.

Lookee what I found at the weekend. The Joseph Beret.

I can't remember who this was made for and I don't remember wearing it myself, but it is now in my possession. It would take some courage to wear the beret and jumper together-at-the-same-time- simultaneously. There is a photo in existence of the whole family wearing all their Josephs, hats included. I'll dig it out sometime*.

Notice how well it looks on my modelling shrub. Don't you kinda half expect the shrub to turn around and say hi?

It looks to me like a back view of Grover the Muppet - only green of course.

(Or is that just me? It is? Oh. Ok. Scratch that.)

I particularly like this flying shot!

*(ED: Yeah right, and then head for the hills Lady if your siblings see it!)

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