Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ok OK suspense over...

Let's start with the felted leaves. Just beautiful aren't they? Love the way you can still see the spine of the leaf created by slipped stitches.

And here's the flower in its entirety.

The pattern called for a felted bobble in the centre of the flower. Now, I've already declared my anti-bobble stance, so I thought I might do without this feature.

But just to see, ('cos I could be wrong, right?) I tested out some flower stylin' with the cap of one of these babies. Looks like the bobble will be knit after all. Ah well, suppose it won't kill me.

Pre Felted Flower

Post-Felted Flower

OK, so I'm still not a flower-brooch-wearing-kinda-woman, but I can see something like this on a felted bag, can't you?


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