Thursday, August 14, 2008


So listen, the original plan for the Ravelympics landed on it's big backside.

Seemed straightforward enough.

Enter the WIPs Wrestling event with the Jolly Green Giant and sprint to the finish line with one-and-a-half-sleeves and an entire front (which has yet to be charted). And then poxy real life reality intervened.

The reason I have WIPs IN THE FIRST place is because like everyone else, my life is crammed with family, working, and many many other responsibilities. Given that all these elements are currently running at full steam up to the hilt, knitting has taken a back seat of late.

And not the back seat of a car either, which implies that it's nearish to the driving seat and can at least be considered. No, the back seat of a really really really long bus where it's out of earshot and has to look out of the window and hum softly to itself for entertainment.


It's not true however that there has been NO knitting at all. I'm currently slogging my way down a 40" ribbed scarf which will eventually make this out of this. It's going fine, the rib is easy if tedious and the yarn is scrummy.

I'm also considering some of these delightful things. It seems that really small projects out of scrap yarn will allow me to knit standing up stirring pots in the kitchen and negotiating the many many multiple requirements of Little Mouse and Little Monkey.

And then I saw this cutie.

Perfect. And I know several persons young and old, big and small who would love one of these.

It looks pretty fiddly tho'. Looks like I might have to actually concentrate after all.

Still an' all. Utterly irresistible.


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