Sunday, August 9, 2009

Artesano Nicole

As promised, some info on the pattern featured in the previous post.

It's Artesano Nicole, by Azize Stirling in Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend. It doesn't appear to be on Ravelry, but you'll find the pattern reference on this page.

I think it's also available at The Yarn Room, or they could get hold of it I guess, so if anyone wants it, (ahem, paging FibrePirateKniter!) just let me know and I'll gladly get you a copy.

No offence to Artesano, but I think L's Nicole is far superiour to the pattern photo. Maybe she should get a modelling contract!


On another note, things will be a bit quiet around the blog for the next few weeks. Recently, I was shushing Little Monkey (for the 100th time) so I could do something on the computer and she sighed deeply and flounced* out of the room saying...

'Sometimes I think that computer is more important than ME!'

Yikes! So...until school is back, for the next few weeks the computer will be put away for daylight hours at least. Sigh! I'm sure I'll manage to sneak a peek!

* and boy is she the Mistress of the Flounce


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