Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Never Not Knitting

Well, your desperate thirst to know more is quenched here. (You were a little bit curious, go'wan admit it.)

Over the weekend I was a guest on the Never Not Knitting podcast, my very first online broadcast. I told the story of the Joseph Knitting. It's been quite a thrill.

I'm ready for my closeup now.



Sinéad said...

Congrats on being in the podcast! Does that mean you're a celebrity knitter now? ;)

Leslie said...

Unbelievable! Congrats on your debut.

granjudy said...

It was fun to hear you on the podcast. You have an easy voice to listen to. I want to see more Joseph knits.

Anonymous said...

Nic, you're a master in the art of story writing. And such a story. Well done. Really enjoyed your podcast. Mags

Felix said...

I really loved your account of the Joseph knitting. I loved the way you put your story together and the way you ended it and it was great listening to your voice.

Hurrah for technicoloured love!

Karen said...

You're a knitting rock star! Fabulous colors!