Monday, August 24, 2009

Tunisian Crochet

Hey guys. Get yourselves over to The Yarn Room for a crochet class with the wonderful Irene! I'm so happy. On Saturday morning I had a yarnie afternoon (great) with yarnie people (also great) and Tunisian Crochet (really really great).

I don’t actually crochet at all (I've a feeling this is about to change), but I was able to pick up this fantastic technique in a few hours. Tunisian Crochet makes a firm textured fabric with endless potential for amazing colourwork.

This was my 1st class at The Yarn Room and it was a great experience, a lovely bright airy room, excellent tea and teaching. Oh yes and it was good fun too. What more could you ask?

As they would say in traditional Oirish folklore: Crochet agus craic*.

*translation: Crochet and fun



Leslie said...

Looks like a loverly place to have some craic...

Irene said...

Ya crack me up! ;-)

(Thanks for a lovely afternoon!)