Saturday, August 22, 2009

Diaphanous Beauty

The dictionary defines the term 'diaphanous' as meaning 'delicately hazy'. I think that kinda sums it up really.

This is Wisp, and it has greatly progressed from the first post about it waaayyy back in May. It didn't help of course that it was mislaid for a few months, but even so, where has the time gone? (Seriously. Where?)

I know it looks tremendously long, but it's amazing what you can achieve by standing up close. It's almost 10 repeats done, with 5 to go, and it's 3.5 ft long. It'll be just perfect at 5 ft or so, and blocking will probably add more length.

I love wide long scarves, but let's face it, they're a big commitment, so it's a bonus that this has knitted up surprisingly quickly. It's not without it's mistakes of course, (a couple of mis-wrapped yarnovers and a clumpy bit of yarn that I should have cut out at the time, and as for the 1st lace panel, shsssh! Let's not go there!), but since I've decided to keep this for myself, I'm not too bothered by them.

There's something about the stacked yarnovers and the intervals of garter stitch strips that really makes this design sing. Even when it's all bunched up, it has a lovely honeycomb appearance.

I can't wait to block it.

And oh yes, the sun does shine in Ireland.




Sinéad said...

Yummy yarn. The pattern looks great, I may have to try it too!

Leslie said...

Beauteous, you like red, don't you?

Nic said...

What makes you say that? lol!

Take a look at my Rav projects page. I've just noticed that there's a definite red bias!