Thursday, September 10, 2009

Class Report

Well, I realise that I kinda left you hangin' after the last post, but things have been crazy busy since the weekend - AND I felt it would take a while to do real justice to the Parent & Child Class last Saturday.

Given that I have a very busy Life Job with home and family AND a Paying Job with work and deadlines and colleagues etc AND given the struggles with commuting, shopping and housework, it turns out that I can only say that:

It went great.

I really enjoyed the class. There was a very broad range of ages and abilities, but I'm pleased to say that the young beginners left with a good grasp of knit, purl, cast on and cast off, and the slightly older beginners added stocking stitch, moss stitch, rib and cables to that list. The returning adult knitters remembered all about it and got all inspired to encourage their young ones and to embark on projects for themselves.

Altogether a happy and productive morning.

Which is not to say that I'm not delighted to have only half that number booked into the class this Saturday. Be nice to have a slightly easier day.

I may be a knittin' fool but I'm no fool*.

* well I am actually, but that's for another day!


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