Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parent and Child class at The Yarn Room

Oh I'm so excited. This morning I have my first Parent and Child class at The Yarn Room. I'll be there every Saturday morning in Sept and for 2 Saturdays in October.

We have 4 children, 2 Mums and a Granny booked in for today. They'll be a mixture of complete beginners, learned-10-years-ago-at-school and returning knitters, so it'll be an interesting morning.

With any luck, they'll go home with a little more than the basic skills and inspired to dive into their first project (or first project for years). It's so good to be a part of sewing that seed for knitting (yes AND crochet Irene).

I've got my knit samples, my class notes, my quiver of needles (well, in fact Stephanie will have needles in the shop, but my quiver* makes me feel 'armed and ready for action') and my enthusiasm.

Think that'll do it?

So this morning I'm excited (and a little bit nervous).

Wish me luck!

*This is a massive needle roll that my Mum made me containing several generations of needles. It's very impressive when it's rolled out. People gasp. Really. And when it's rolled up it's really like a quiver. It's quite impressive, I'll get pictures.


m1k1 said...

As a 'lapsed' archer, how come I didn't think of a needle quiver. Yes. Picture please.

Leslie said...

You go girl, pass the pass the skills thru the gnerations. I want to see your quiver too.

Irene said...

Mmmmmh, you looked good and friend when I came to take over the cleared table. Yum!