Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm gutted

Absolutely gutted I tell you.

See this?

Pretty nice, eh?

That's not the gutted part.

I'm crushed because I've been thinking about a design for something very similar to this for weeks now. Weeks, I tell you. WEEKS!

My idea was more along the lines of something in a lighter Manos silk yarn, or maybe the wool blend weight...but seriously I'm really disappointed. I was waiting to get some other things off my list.

Thing is, if I pursued my idea now I'd really feel like I was copying the Riverbanks pattern in some way, or at the very least that it was no longer an original idea.


Still, I'd like to make mine anyway and see how it compares.

As I've said before, in similar circumstances. She who hesitates is lost!

All kudos to the designer of course. It's lovely.



Péitseoga said...

Do! Make yours! I think that kind of 'garment' is a great invention, and the concept hasn't been explored enough. you could have a scarf built in, too! When i made my clapotis scarf i made it super long so i could wrap it round my head for the walk from the train station (a very exposed and windy mile), hoods are of course a much better idea!

Sinéad said...

Oh poor you. I hate when things like that happen. Still, you should try it anyway, you never know once you get designing, it could turn out very different!

Nic said...

That's very true, my intended construction is quite different so I should go ahead with it.

Thanks for the encouragement!