Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fez Glorious Fez

Despite all the other activities around here, there has been quite a lot of knitting too. Here is the Sunny Textured Hat from the lovely and talented Tottoppers. I just think this is the sweetest pattern.

Knitted from 1 ball of Debbie Bliss Fez (with 1 yard left over), this took less than 24 hours and was a quick hit instant gratification knit. I could hardly put it down.

Simplicity itself, but as yer man Leonardo da Vinci said (yes really) “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And so it proves.

Here's the early morning dragged-into-the-wet-garden-during-breakfast-almost-smile. Poor child.

And at the pinnacle is the crown. I got so excited about the crown shaping. As each decrease round swirled gently inside the next I felt my little heart sing a pure clear note of happiness. Really. This kind of thing brings me actual joy.

Little Monkey liked it so much she wanted to wear it to school with the ends still trailing. I love the slight slouch at the top. I think it passed the is-it-cool-enough test.

Minor Mod: added rib edging for extra grip in the playground.


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