Sunday, November 15, 2009

No more sleeps!

Ah, a terrific weekend with the highlight being the latest Pick Up Your Needles on Saturday. I did an embroidery class with the textile artist Lucinda Jacob and it was great.

We covered lots of types of stitches, which was fab, but also dipped into how to use different kinds of materials and how to unleash inspiration.

Now, that's worth a mess of potage right there.

And yes, I did get some inspiration for my felted bag. More details later when I have pictures. I can't in all conscience witter on about it while leaving you completely in the dark, so to speak. I do have some standards.

PLUS I also finally delivered material to a podcast that I was invited to contribute to. Let you know when it's up and about.

PLUS this afternoon there was a whole new knitting project conceived, knitted and gifted in the space of 6 hours. That was fun. No pictures unfortunately, but I'll make another one exactly the same very soon and get pictures of that.

PLUS, and most importantly of all, I made some crucial moves towards a very exciting venture which I've been working on for a long time.

What did I say about having standards about not leaving you in suspense? They must be around here somewhere, I had them just last week.



Leslie said...

You wretch, you, I'm hanging on your every word with breathless anticipation...

Sinéad said...

My you were busy! You'll have to fill us in on your venture soon!

Irene said...

I'm gasping to have my curiosity satisfied. Yes, I own up to being curious and having absolutely NO standards!!!

Ellen said...

What a BEAUTIFUL scarf in that photo. Love the wool. I'm knitting a pink scarf at the moment but nothing like yours:) Re your email: What a wonderful idea. I'd love to do that in a photograph. Heading off to London tomorrow and will text you re coffee and a chat on the matter!! Happy knitting:)