Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wow. Be still my beating heart.

I've just stumbled across the latest Twist Collective Winter collection. I like Twist Collective a lot and love looking through their new patterns. The designs, layouts, photography and styling are second to none.

Rarely however do I buy patterns online from any website. Partly due to the potential difficulty of sourcing the same yarn, and partly because many patterns really do work best on a more slender frame than that of my full figured delights.

Mostly however it's because I prefer to hold the pattern or book in my hands and to squish the yarn at the same time. This is the double espresso of inspiration that more usually intices me to part with cash.
And besides, I really do not have time to knit a whole garment. Honestly. I have so many other things to knit urgently that I don't see an actual garment sized item getting finished this century.

You might guess that I am leading up to something.

As always, there are lovely things in the new issue. Some of those hats are very enticing. This bag and this sweater are very appealing indeed.

However. It was when this jacket (designed by Carol Sunday) swam before me that I parted company with my reason. I felt myself rushing backwards at speed and there was a sudden wind rushing in my ears.

Isn't. It. Just. Divine?

Divine I tell you. I'm not mad about reverse stocking stitch as it happens, but perhaps it can be inverse reversed. Or perhaps the yarn will be fine enough to get past the issue. However, I am mad about William Morris, who is the quoted source of inspiration for this design. Plus, I'm happy that the shaping, the v-neck and the wide collar will suit me.

I still don't have time to make it, but by golly I'm gonna have it!

It's even enough to make me bypass the cookie jar for a while. And that's saying something.



Clasheen said...

This jacket is GORGEOUS! If you have time to make a second, apple green .......

Tina - omme i London said...

I feel myself NEEDING this jacket. No, not wanting - NEEDING! Man, it's gorgeous!