Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jolly Green Giant Goes Global

Ok okay. One of the points of suspense in the previous post was on the topic of a podcast that I recently recorded.

Some time ago, the talented designer Alana of NeverNotKnitting suggested that I tell the story of the Joseph Knitting on her popular podcast 'NeverNotKnitting'.

You'll find the Tale of the Jolly Green Giant over here. The story is around min 12:35 secs in, but do check out the whole podcast. Alana provides detailed yarn and pattern reviews, describes her latest patterns and her knitting thoughts. Her designs are really great and she is an absolute professional with her presentation and layouts.

Oh and by the way, it isn't me singing in the story title segment, but isn't it fun that people think that it is? (Until afterwards of course). It's a lady called Wren Ross, and it's a great song choice for the story.

More reveals in a while. Back to scheduled programming now.

Do not adjust your set.

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Leslie said...

Thanks for the morning laugh!