Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knitting Mama

I've said quite a lot about the Knitting Dad hereabouts so I think it's time to show you some Knitting Mama. When I was a child my mother knit (and sewed) most of our wardrobes and she's still busy.

This fearless knitter has been behind all of my projects, lending support and cheering from the sidelines. I'm sure she picked up more than her share of my dropped stitches and she definitely passed on the love of knitting and the infinite possibilities of yarn.

For this Mama and for so much more, I thank you.

To begin the parade of Mama Knits, I introduce the Brother Sweater. Knit for one brother and worn by everybody else that followed. It's more than a little bit felted now, but all the warmer for that.


1 comment:

Leslie said...

Knitting Mamas rock, the sweater you comment on that I was wearing in the Fortnight Pics was knitted by my Mama and yes, it's more than a little felted now as it's over 40 years old now. Can't wait to see more.