Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new dance craze

Here's another Yarn Room Twist.

(Sorry, no pattern yet. When it's available, I'll linky.)

It was a bit of a gamble really 'cos I had no idea would it be suitable or how the colours would work out.

At first I didn't like it. No. Not at all. No-sir-ee.

It took a while for the colour changes and garter stitch to take shape, but I kept knitting and now I love it. I knit until the yarn was gone and then grafted the ends together with a twist.

This is lovely yarn, but since it’s 100% merino, not at all woolly. An unusual fabric really, very light and beautiful colours.

This was a birthday gift for my brother last week and (another gamble), I wasn't at all sure if he would like it. Thankfully he really does so I'm glad I gave it away - as I was sooooo tempted to keep it.

No problem at all. I'm making another one for myself.


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Leslie said...

Great yarn and you have a lucky brother!