Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Schopple Wolle Sample


The love affair with Schoppel Wolle continues.

This is a sample I started with colourway 1507. Isn't it lovely? Look at the way the colours flicker from those limestone tones into green and gold lichen and on into the blues. So organic...so beautiful...so Burren (an outrageously wonderful place of natural beauty in the West of Ireland. Just sayin'.)

The final section moved into dark blues and on into deep reds. Tis a journey so 'tis.

Honest, it's just delicious.

You can see that I tried the sample in diagonal lace stitches and they worked out really really well. The last section was wide ribs and cables, which worked out ok too but the cables didn't stand out too well with the colours.

And if you're wondering how this all turned out in the end, here it is


Another Yarn Room Twist. See how the colours are the same as above but so different.


I love garter stitch knitting.



Leslie said...

Ooooh, loverly... I love gart, I mean knitting too.

Karen said...

I love the colors....nice wool. Send it. Now. And the word verification is puegenti. eeewwwwww.

Nic said...