Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's Handy

Just as an aside, you may like to see this little project, a recent gift for my Mum.

The girls drew around their hands on some lovely red flannel and then we I stitched around the shapes. That little thing in the middle is a heart, but they're not happy with it. It probably just needs a little bling. Sequins anyone?

I got the idea from an embroidery workshop I attended at Pick Up Your Needles in Tinahely Co Wicklow. (Next event here). A very easy project, the girls had fun and of course it's a winner with family members.

It's supposed to be a seat cover. Of course it's not actually finished. Did you get me mixed up with somebody else by any chance?



sheknitupthat said...

That's a lovely idea!

Karen said...

What a cute idea! Your Mum will love and treasure it! (Not that I know her but just saying SHE SHOULD).

Happy Groundhog's Day. The head groundhog in PA said it's going to be winter for a mere 6 more weeks. Like the first day of spring would arrive sooner if he said otherwise! Like groundhogs can talk anyway. Haha.

Leslie said...

Loves it,

Sinéad said...

What a cute idea! I think the heart is just lovely as it is, but you can never go wrong with some sequins!

Nic said...

Thanks guys. Yes my Mum will treasure it....tho' she probably won't ever get it unless she sews it up herself. My crystal ball doesn't see me dusting off my sewing machine anytime soon.

Unknown said...

I love it, I think I have to make one now!